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The endurance of pharmaceutical industry depends on faster mechanism of sophisticated machinery and equipment at all phase of manufacturing to face the rising competition and to adhere to strict quality norms.Basics of Pharmaceutical Machinery relates generally to the field of automated pharmaceutical packaging machines.

Pharma Plant Manufacturer

More specifically, it is directed to an automated pharmaceutical packaging machine which simultaneously fills a product.Package cut-out with desired solid pharmaceutical dosing requirements while also simultaneously sealing a final package containing a plurality of individual patient doses.

  • On offer is an irresistible platform for Pharmaceutical Machinery suppliers and end users to meet together and share their wares.
  • Our experts have dedicated to pharmaceutical industry, support for wide range of pharmaceutical machinery covering process equipment, clean room devices, tablet-ting, washing system, packaging, printing, fabrication, etc.
  • PROPACK Technologies stands for a Research and Development intensive industry, introducing the latest in machinery, technology and services.
  • These accurate engineered pharmaceuticals machines are high-performing and acquiesce profitable return to the end-users.
  • Propack Technologies Pvt. Ltd use higher grade raw materials and excellent production technologies to manufacture our range.
This imparts following features to our range of pharmaceutical machines
  1. Lower maintenance cost
  2. Easy-to-use functioning
  3. Outstanding designing
  4. Lowest power consumption
  5. Smooth operation for several hours
  6. Effective for heavy duty work

Propack Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading company to provide Pharmaceutical Machineries for different sections as follows

Ointment / Cream Section
  1. Multimix Plant for Processing Ointment/Cream/Gels /Lotion/Toothpaste/ Shampoo & Similar Semi-Solid emulsions.
  2. Propack Tube Filler for auto Filling & Sealing of Plastic/Laminated or Aluminium Tubes.
Liquid / Oral / Syrup Section
  • Liquid/Syrup/Oral Manufacturing Plant
  • Inline Homogenizer
  • Zero Hold Filter Press
  • Automatic Bottling Plant
Injectable Section
  • Vaccum Tray Dryer
  • Multi Column Distillation
  • Dry Heat Sterilizer
  • Sterile Vessel
  • Pure Steam Generator
  • Membrane Filter Holder
  • CIP System
  • Sterile Manufacturing Plant
  • Steam Sterilizer
  • Pressure vessel
Powder & Tablets Section
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Tray Dryer
  • Mass Mixer
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator
  • Octagonal Blender
  • Double Cone Blender
  • Multi Mill
  • Vibro Sifter
  • Coating Pan
  • Auto Coater
  • Lifter/Tipper
  • IPC/Bunker
  • Bottle Cleaning Equipments & Line Acessories
  • Powder Filling Equipments
  • Capping & Packing Equipments
Cleaning / Drying Section
  • Infrared Ray Dryer
  • CIP System & Mixing Battery
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Pharma Plants Pharma Plant
Packaging Plant Manufacturer
Packaging Plant Manufacturer